Tournament Winner!Willy Dominguez wins in Sebastian, FL!

September 15, 2021

The Sebastian tournament featured only 8 players but it was a very competitive tournament at an awesome venue. Many thanks to Russ Lemmon for making it happen (how often do you play right next to the ocean and you have food and drinks catered from the bar while in play?).

Since we only had 8 players, only the top two made it to the playoffs but we had enough cash left to pay for third place which Russ cashed in.

When the dust cleared, Willy and Jordan made it to the finals and once again Willy ended up winning… not without a little controversy in the finals however, as ahead two games to one, both Willy and Jordan thought the score to be 3-1 with Willy ahead in the 9th. Jordan hit a two run homer which in both our minds had tied the game. Nothing else happened until the 12th, when Will Myers hit a homer in the top of the 12th and Sal Perez hit a 2 run shot in the bottom of the frame off the fodder Soto card to give Jordan the apparent win. It was not until we checked our pitching that we realized that the score had actually been 4-1, not 3-1 and I had actually won the game in the 9th by a 4-3 score. I did check with both Pete Nelson and Errol Dennis and both agreed that the game should have ended in the 9th, and the rest of the game did not count,  which means that Soto’s pitching record is unscathed.

Kudos to Jordan. He was a little ticked off about losing the series that way but completely understood the outcome once he had a little time to think about it. We are both responsible for keeping up the score and it’s nobody’s fault that we missed the extra run that won the game.

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