Tournament Winner!Willy Dominguez wins in Orlando!

August 19, 2021

The Orlando tournament was held this last weekend with 11 outstanding managers across the board, and when the smoke cleared, Willy Dominguez defeated Russ Lemmon in an exciting finale.

Due to illness by John Perez, we ended up with two game series plus a power match up, however the group played very fast which made it into a fun and stress-free experience.

Russ entered the semi-finals with a stellar 18-6 record and took side pot honors as well as the #1 seed. He rode Marcel Ozuna who according to Russ had been a beast the entire tournament.

Jordan Barker got the #2 seed with a 17-7 record. The “Future” is just an outstanding manager who hardly ever makes a mistake and had a really balanced team.

Willy Dominguez had to manage the heck out of his team, which feature two 3’s up the middle (Iglesias and Kemp), not the most optimal formula for a championship team. However, he ended up with the #3 seed.

Lastly, Doug Yano beat Mark DelPopolo in the final game of the tournament to get the #4 seed. Both Mark D. and Chris W. were knocked out in the final game of the regular season.

Semis #1 featured Russ and Doug squaring away for two extra inning games, which devastated Doug’s strategy of only having five relievers. Russ with seven relievers was able to outlast him and sweep him. (3-0)

Semis #2 featured the “old guy”, Willy vs. the “Future” Jordan Barker. Jordan has had Willy’s number for a while now so it was a challenge just having to face him. At the end though Willy rolled (not necessarily manage) better and took the series 3-1.

In the finals, Willy took the first two games from Russ when Ozuna suddenly just stopped hitting. In game 3, Russ had a 3 run lead in the 9th, but Willy scored two in a homer by Tellez. Russ had a bad feeling about Harper who was the next batter and in a very unorthodox way,  walked him to put the tying run at first and the go ahead run with Voit batting. Willy rolled a 3-7 HR to 10 split or Fly Out. Willy rolled an 11 and off we went to game 4.

Game 4 featured Framber Valdes for Russ vs. German Marquez for Willy… now the German had been just horrible for Willy the past three starts, lasting no more than 3 innings before being yanked. However, Valdes was “flambed” (pardon the pun) by Willy’s offense, scoring 16 runs for a 16-1 victory that ended when Russ literally cried “uncle” in the 8th.

A really fun series against a complete gentleman and competitive player.

Next South tournament will be at Sebastian, Florida in September hosted by Russ Lemmon. If you have not been there, it’s a really fun place to play. Bar and restaurant right on premises and right next to the ocean.


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