Tournament Winner!Willy Dominguez wins April Purestrat!

May 20, 2021

April Finals: After a long spell, Willy finally wins a tournament by beating the Will Roberts juggernaut 4 games to 3. Things did not start well for Willy as Happ was crushed in game 1 for a 9-1 Will victory. Will hit 5 homers in the game and it looked like it would be an all Will series. However, Willy squeezed a 2-1 victory in Circus Maximus in game 2 with Kershaw and outstanding bullpen work shutting down Will’s powerful offense. Game 3 in Pittsburgh had Willy’s Bieber facing McCullers. After neither team scored, Willy allowed a weak Bieber to pitch the 10th, only to see in horror a 4-11 Homer split by Gomes that gave the game to Will, 1-0. Willy tied things up in game 4 by the score of 6-3 and Will once again crushed Happ for an 8-2 win in game 5. With their backs against the wall, Willy’s guys faced Turnbull in Circus Maximus but Kershaw was “en fuego”, leading Willy’s team to a 7-3 win in game 6. With Bieber on the mound in game 7, the Judge hit his 2nd and 3rd homers of the series. Bieber was just outstanding, pitching 8 innings and getting help in the 9th from Martin to give Willy a 5-2 victory and the April tournament purse. Thanks Will for an awesome series. you’re a great opponent and a gentleman and a scholar.

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