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Regional Director – Rolando Cruz
email – rolandojcruz@aol.com
March 20th,21st Cleveland,OH March 16th (Skype) March 18th
April 10th,11th Chicago,IL April 6th (Skype) April 8th
May 1st,2nd Pittsburgh,PA TBA TBA Joint/E.A.S.T.
June 12th, 13th Cleveland,OH June 5th (Skype) June 3rd
July 10th,11 Chicago,IL July 6th (Skype) July 8th
August 7th,8th Detroit, MI August 3rd (Skype) August 5th
September 11th,12th Pittsburgh,PA TBA TBA Joint/E.A.S.T.
October 9th,10th Cleveland,OH October 5th (Skype) October 7th
November 20th,21st Chicago,IL November 16th (Skype) November 18th Regional

Cleveland, Chicago and Cincinnati tournaments will be expanded fields

All material is property of Strat Tournament Players Club - 2021

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