The StratTPC Community is broken up into regions throughout the country as well as 2 Internet groups.  The East, Jasper (MidWest), South, and West represent the Face to Face divisions.  NetPlay uses the online game from Strat-O-Matic game company.  Purestrat using Skype and an online dice roller to play games with cards similar to Face to Face.  Below are links to each of the regions and their contact info.  Click on the region to go to their website.

East Region – Brian Favereaux – info@easomt.com

Jasper Region – Rolando Cruz – rolandojcruz@aol.com

South Region – Willy Dominguez – canefan9@aol.com

West Region – Michael Breithaupt – ichabod32@hotmail.com

NetPlay Region – Jim Galloway – jakob3@aol.com

Purestrat – Alan Small – asmall@mymts.net

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