Tournament Winner!Norm Plouffe wins EAST Skype Tournament!

June 12, 2021


In game 1, HRs by Robert and Winker b3 led Norm to a 4-2 win.  In game 2 Bieber was masterful throwing 9 innings scattering 6 singles in a 5-0 win for Norm.  Bruce fought back in game 3 and scored 6 off Woodruff b1 on route to an 11-2 win.  Game 4 saw Norm gets homers from Barnhart, Winker and Tellez as he cruised to a 7-0 win and advanced to the finals.


Game 1 Bieber gives up only 2 hits and  France led off t7 with a 3b and PR Goodrum scored on a Candy-man SF for the 1-0 win for Norm.   In game 2, a Tellez HR gave Norm 1-0 lead going to b7.  A Bohm 3b and Stallings 1b ties the game.  In b9 Alberto up against Hand with McNeill on 3b, 1 out.  Norm goes to the RH and Alberto squeezes in the winning run 2-1 Mark.  Game 3 Norm is running up the score and goes to t9 up 8-2.  A.Garcia out, McNeil 1b, Simmons bb, Wong bb, Moran 1b, Bohm HR.  It’s 8-7.  Casali out. Mookie 1b and K.Seager rolls a HR to 7 or 2b.  2b.  Mookie to 15 to score and tie up… but it’s a 17.  Final 8-7 Norm after the 5 run 9th that was the only big inning Mark would get in the series.  Game 4 RBI 2bs from Tellez and Cano lead Norm to a 2-0 win.   Game 5 Bieber 8IP scatters 3 hits and S.Murphy gets the big 2-run HR to 7 in b7 and Norm takes it 3-0 in game 5 and the series 4-1.

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