Tournament Winner!John Kostyo wins Great Western Region May Skype Tournament!

May 27, 2021

In the inaugural Great Western Region May Skype, 9 teams dueled for four play-off spots. Greg Strite took John Kostyo to 7 games before subsiding, while Frank Luisi/Jack Cahill’s Blasters lost in 5 games to Toby Strite. Toby’s Goddammit Lamet shut John and Happ out G1 in Texas. In G2, John’s Darvish out pitches Woodruff, exiting after six with a 2-1 lead. Starting his 2nd inning of work, Duffey gives it up when Chris Taylor leads off 3-8 HR. LaStella 2B, Belt BB chases Duffey for Heuer, who gets Iglesias, but has no answer for Cesar Hernandez’ 2-6 2-run 2B. Sims/Slegers shut down the 9th – Toby leads 2-0. In S20, Kershaw outpitches Bauer, thanks to a Calhoun solo shot. Toby battles to tie it in the 8th on a Bregman 2B, then it’s a bullpen game. In the bottom 10th, with 2-outs, Brandon Lowe dials his 2-8 HR shot to 16 off Lucas Sims, but misses. Nevermind, Grandal in the clutch induces a walk-off PB from Murphy. John steals a game he absolutely had to have. Keller@Bieber, Toby scratches out a run in the 4th on 2 BB, HBP and a triangle, and that remains the score until the b8th when Grandal draws a lead-off BB off Sims, Jarlin in the face Buxton. John shows cohones the size of churchbells, PH Story who singles to RF. Churchbells sends Grandal to 3B to 11 with no outs… SAFE!. PH Avasail Garcia follows 2-8 meatroll for a 3run shot to ice it. Momentum resides in Churchbell’s dugout for the Lamet@Happ rematch. Churchbells scores 3 in the 2nd keyed by a Story 3B. Toby never recovers, getting swept in John’s yard – 3-2 the final. Darvish @ Woodruff elimination game – Toby leads 3-1 when the starters exit. A Buxton 3-8 tightens the game in the 7th. A Belt error leads to a run scoring SS-A DP tying the game in the 8th. Clint Frazier’s 2-run shot off Jarlin in the 9th propels John to a richly deserved title in the Inaugural. The name John “Churchbells” Kostyo will forever be etched atop the Greg Western Regional May Skype trophy.

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