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Blocking the plate clarified.
2 Posts
March 30, 2021 - 2:49 pm

Just in a series. Now I understand blocking plate; however, on an infield "IN" runner on third on a catch-X , a g3 to the catcher came up decide on the X chart, so is it the speed -4 plus catcher range, blocking the plate? Rules appear to be vague, and I predict this will come up this year numerous times. Thanks.

Brian Favereaux
11 Posts
March 31, 2021 - 9:23 am

See rule below. Blocking the plate ONLY happens when throw is originated from the Outfield..

S 13.63 CATCHER BLOCKING THE PLATE Whenever there is a tag play at the plate on a throw that originates from the outfield, the catcher’s defensive ability may be challenged and it can make the difference between a runner being called safe or out. The rule comes into play when you are rolling the 20-sided die to determine if the runner is safe or out at home. If the last number in the safe range or the first number in the out range is rolled, then the catcher’s ability will be checked with another roll of the 20-sided die. For instance, if the safe range (after all adjustments have been made) is 1-14 and you roll a 14 or 15 on the 20-sided die, then you must roll the 20-sided die again and refer to the following chart to determine if the runner is safe or out: Catcher’s Rating Safe Out ---------------- ---- -----
1 1-2 3-20
2 1-6 7-20
3 1-10 11-20
4 1-14 15-20
5 1-18 19-20

STPC may have erased this rule for a year or two, but it has been back for a bit now.
The above is pasted from our 2021 STPC Rules.

2 Posts
April 2, 2021 - 1:53 pm

Thanks Brian,
I just wanted to clarify, glad you're on top of it. Gene had told me previously; however, with the infield in with a man on third on an X chance, G3 to an INF means a DECIDE with no blocking the plate. Gotcha, thanks.

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