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Average Pick Sheet –7/9/2021
Average Pick Sheet (by position) – 7/9/2021
Eligible Players (Sorted by Name)
Eligible Players (Sorted on Team)
Eligible Players (Sorted by Position)

Pitching Chart
Score Sheet
Draft Sheet
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Los Angeles March A Los Angeles March B Purestrat March A Purestrat March B Purestrat March C
Orlando March North Haven March Cleveland March Netplay Email March Netplay Live March
Phoenix March Purestrat April A Purestrat April B Purestrat April C Chicago April
Portland April A Portland April B Sebastian April Purestrat May A Purestrat May B
Purestrat May C West Skype May Albany April  Pittsburgh May NetPlay May LIVE
NetPlay May Multi-Day Tampa Bay May Las Vegas June A Las Vegas June B Los Angeles June 
NetPlay June LIVE NetPlay June Multi-Day Purestrat June A Purestrat June B Purestrat June C
Alabama  June Cleveland June Connecticut June EAST Skype



If you are interested in using the Dice Roller and do NOT have a username and password, please email Pete Nelson (petenelson31@comcast.net)



DRAID is a 64-bit computer program that allows you to use your own rating system and stats to help you draft a team that fits your style.  DRAID is the official STPC drafting tool and is used to draft a dummy team when needed to balance out divisions.  DRAID DAT files will be used to calculate APS and for the posting of drafts.  DRAID is free to STPC Members.  If you would like to be added to the DRAID User Community, send an email to Pete at petenelson31@comcast.net.  Click here for —> DRAID DOCUMENTATION.


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