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Every year at the Worlds, we present the Kenny Marino Sportsmanship Award to a person who consistently demonstrates excellent sportsmanship when playing our game.  Everyone who plays this game knows how frustrating it can be sometimes and people who lose (and win) without excessive outbursts and complaining are fun to play and enhance the enjoyment for everyone at the tournament.  Kenny Marino was a New York City fireman – one of the heroes of 9/11 who gave his life rushing into danger to help people escape the burning towers.  Kenny was also a tournament Strat player who exemplified good sportsmanship and that’s why the award is named in his honor.


Congratulations to

Paul Ferraro
2020 Winner of the Kenny Marino Sportsmanship Award


Past Winners

Alan Small

Bryan Albin

Dale Troyani

Dan Mullarkey

Dave Lippert

Gene Abood

Harry Flawd

Marshall Palmer

Mike Meszaros

Red Robbins

Richie Wain

Russ Lemmon

Shannon Harrison

Terry Motley

Toby Strite

Tom Anderson

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